Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Easy-to-Set Combination Luggage Lock with Steel Cable

We have all experienced the pain that comes with losing important items when traveling. Those who have been lucky enough to escape this have undoubtedly heard tales from friends and relatives about how they found items they had packed missing from their luggage. This is one of the many downsides that come with traveling and which can be easily avoided.

Before traveling, you really need to think about how much you need and can handle by yourself. This decision will determine the type of traveling gear to use and how many pieces your luggage will take. Whatever the number of cases you need, it is important to inspect their current condition to avoided careless loss.

A good traveling case should ensure the safety of your items and those made of sturdy material are recommended. With all these security measures, you will still need to secure your luggage with a lock to prevent any unapproved access. The Lewis N Clark TSA cable lock review gives you tips on luggage security. The set has the following features;

Hard metal construction

The benefits of metal products are many and their importance cannot be overemphasized. The mere fact of knowing that the lock on your luggage is made of metal will help you relax better without worrying about safety. There is a reason why locks constructed of hard metal are popular and some of these include their strength and ability to be used for many trips.

Metal toughness will protect the lock from being scratched to the extent that it loses its attractiveness and color. Anyone trying to tamper with your luggage will also be dissuaded as soon as they notice that the lock is constructed with metal. A thief will move on to the next luggage if it has a less secure lock and leaves your bags untouched.

Lewis N. Clark TSA-Approved Easy-to-Set Combination Luggage Lock with Steel Cable


 Good size for luggage

If weight wasn’t such an important consideration at the airports with people being required to pay for extras; then baggage locks could as well have been designed in bigger sizes but this is not the case. The lock is the perfect size for average luggage with a height and breadth of 4 and 9 inches respectively. This size may appear to make the lock seem very small but it has been proven to be sturdy and very hard to crack.

The small size is also an advantage as it does not come in the way when the luggage is being handled. Its presence may go unnoticed but the kind of assurance it brings to the owner of the luggage is immeasurable. Big is not always better when it comes to luggage security and the Lewis N Clark TSA cable lock review goes on to prove that.

 Resettable 3 dial combination

One of the major advantages of a cable lock is that the luggage owner does not have to keep track of where they last saw their keys. A user will also not have to carry an extra pack for ferrying keys or have to fumble through different pockets in search of keys when they need access to their luggage.

This lock comes preset in a 3-dial combination which can be reset by following the simple instructions that come with the lock. Once you customize the combination to a more personalized number that only you know, the safety of your valuables is almost guaranteed and you can rest easy. This kind of lock will also help you enjoy your vacation better since you do not have to carry keys around with you where they can get lost and get you in trouble. The resettable nature of the locks allows you to change the combination as many ties as possible if you think someone has recognized the code.

 Color Variety

Since people like to travel with class and style, it is very thoughtful of lock manufacturers to observe this fact when designing the cable locks. The Lewis N Clark lock comes in red, orange, blue and black colors. It is likely that you will find a color that fits your preference from this variety. Anyone who has already purchased their travel gear can get the lock that matches their case while those that are yet to buy will have better ideas on what to go for.

Getting a functional lock that blends in with your luggage is a plus to your image and an important gesture towards securing your valuables. An added advantage that comes with the different colors is the combination numbers are set on a different color background (mostly black) and this improves vision greatly. One does not need to squint due to light reflection and take ages to get their case open.

 Use of durable cast zinc

Locks are aimed at securing one’s luggage at the same time providing ease of access to the contents. To this end, manufacturers have come up with locks that are simple enough for the luggage owner and quite difficult to access for an unauthorized person. To achieve this, Lewis N Clark has employed the use of zinc in the lock casting.

Zinc is known to be very durable thus being used in the production of some of the most secure and durable locks inclusive of the Lewis N Clark TSA cable lock. The zinc casting makes the lock very flexible allowing it to cave without breaking when the luggage is being passed through check-in. When other parts like zippers and straps come breaking down the lock is left standing.

 Very Easy to Use

Unlike other locks that take a thief seconds to break and the owner minutes to access, this lock has been designed to let very fast once the right combination has been put in place. Its locking mechanism is very high and it would take a thief a long time and strong artillery before they manage to break in. The use of strong materials makes it hard for unauthorized entry and also enables the lock to withstand rough luggage handling and the test of time. It also does not take a genius to figure out how the lock functions and this makes it suitable for young people as well as the elderly.


  • Variety of color choices
  • Good size for any type of luggage
  • Easy to use
  • Resetting enhances security   
  • Comes in a pair


  • Trouble if you forget or jam the lock


  • Can the locks fit on small luggage?
  • Yes, they are very small measuring only 2 inches.
  • Are the cable locks TSA approved?
  • Yes, they are accepted at check-in


Is your luggage secured? Most people leave the security of their luggage at the hands of the gods and just hope that no harm will come to it. It would, however, make more sense if they used locks to safeguard their property and enjoy their trips without any worries. A good lock will not only keep your items safely in the cases but will also prevent entry of items that may bring you trouble. Look out for yourself and ensure that what belongs to you is kept safe while that which doesn’t is kept out. It is a simple matter of getting this lock and your trip will be made so much better.


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